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Shiny Shiny Windows

Ladies and gentlemen, no bullet points or tip lists for today. We want to treat this topic as a continuos flow or kind of a streak free cleaning if you will, which incidentally is one of the top services we provide to our clients.

So we will walk you through an imaginary natural window cleaning service booked by Jane, a fictional character that serves our purposes.

The company arrives armed with water and a squeegee, cloth, vinegar, baking soda, tea tree oil, a little painting brush, a lint roller and a pair of kitchen tongs. What happens next involves a lot of experience and a bit of thinking outside of the box.

You don't need us to explain what a squeegee is used for in window cleaning, but you might want to know that getting a smooth streak free cleaning is like an art: we at Clean By Nature for example, have been nicknames the Picassos of window brushing . Streak free painting as you have never witnessed before, matched by dedication and knowledge, all for a job sold at the price a fraction of one of the world famous artist masterpieces. No kidding. Anyway let's get back to Jane and her windows.

Vinegar happens to be a lifesaver to get rid of moldy corner frames. Mixed with baking soda, is then applied on the area we need to clean, and let it do its job for about 20 minutes. We will return to it, but in the meantime let's concentrate on our little painting brush.

That is to be rinsed in a solution of water and tea tree oil, then brushed across the linings and frames. This gimmick will ensure Jane's window will smell fresh and clean for a good while afterwards.

What about the lint roller? Well, that is a nice touch that comes handy towards the end of the cleaning: rolled over the window nets it will collect dust, spider webs, and all of those little particles that get tangled in there. And what about the kitchen tongs? All you have to do is wrap them with two microfiber cloths at the edges, so that they can be skimmed over eventual blinds to refresh them, get rid of deposited dust, dirt and hair.

At this stage the cleaning is finally over, and Jane is so happy that the wants to shut them and admire them for an hour, impressed by how many amazing things you can do with non chemical cleaners. And you know what? The smell left behind natural cleaning is way more pleasant that the pungent, rough one you feel once you use chemicals.

And so here we are, the fictional company leaves Jane's house knowing that they contributed to keep this planet clean once again... and they feel a bit like modern superheroes!

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