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holiday cleaning

Holiday Cleaning Tips

Covid has put a stop on a lot of holiday plans, but this does not mean that we should sit and wait. Sooner or later, we will be able to resume traveling for recreational purposes (!), so why not get ready by typing down a list of things to do before a holiday. I am going to break the topic down into two articles because of course, you can either go away and enjoy your holiday time in some amazing place (hence look for a task list of things to do to keep your house clean while you are on holiday), or you can be the host looking to get your home ready for somebody coming to spend some holiday time at your place (AirBnb anyone?).

raked leaves cleaning

Autumn Leaves, What To Do

Yard trimmings, including garden refuse and fallen leaves, made up 7.20% of the total landfill materials for the US in 2018. This roughly equates to 10 million tonnes of waste. The sad thing is that there really is no need to let autumn leaves being sent to the landfill, because there is a good variety of ways we can reuse them. As a rule of thumb, the first thing to do is check with your local authority if a curbside collection is available for you, because that could help relief the amount of leaves you will be dealing with during the fall. Alternatively, if no curbside is offered, here below you can find 5 different ways you can use fallen leaves that ended up in your garden.

bathroom cleaning

Oh Bathroom Don't Smell

This is really off putting. Everyone wants to have a freshly smelling bathroom of course, but sometimes it is just tricky to achieve the result. This may come down to a variety of reasons and the point of this blog post is to highlight some of the most common ones. And to remind you that if you bathroom does smell bad, don't panic because it can be fixed with a little investigation. Here below you can find 5 of the most common causes of a smelly bathroom in your house.

windows cleaning

Shiny Shiny Windows

Ladies and gentlemen, no bullet points or tip lists for today. We want to treat this topic as a continuos flow or kind of a streak free cleaning if you will, which incidentally is one of the top services we provide to our clients.

carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning For Pros

Carpets are made to be stepped on, and a consequence are receptors of many different kinds of pollutants and germs. That fluffiness of theirs means that they are made of soft fabric, which unfortunately is an amazing shelter for a lot of stuff prone to give you unpleasant allergic reactions. Vacuuming every so and so helps keep the overall look tidy and neat, but should not be taken as an alternative to more in depth carpet cleaning. And this is when our company comes to the rescue. We at Clean By Nature provide specific solutions to any kind of carpet (or surface) to ensure the full sanitization of your house. How do we do it? Keep reading to find out a few of our tested pro tips.

baking soda

6 Baking Soda Uses For Cleaning

Clients are often surprised when we tell them that we use baking soda for cleaning. The things is that it is such a common ingredient in our pantries, yet not many people are aware of the natural cleaning properties it has. In fact, it has been around for thousands of years, even though people really started focus on its cleaning properties since 1970s. For example, do you know that in 1976 baking soda was used to rejuvenate the Statue of Liberty in occasion of the bicentennial celebration?

For all of the above reasons, and for the fact that baking soda indeed is a natural cleaning agent (so extremely befitting our company mission), we decided to highlight a few ways we can use it to clean our homes. Here are 6 baking soda uses for cleaning.